🚀Web Offerwall

Integrating Adbreakmedia's offerwall into your website is a quick and simple process, follow this guide, it just take few minutes

Quick Info :

Deliver personalized incentives and rewards to your users through AdBreak Media's flexible Offer Wall. Our offerwall seamlessly adapts to any screen, displaying targeted, translated ads based on user device and location.


Obtain your placement identifier from publisher Dashboard, Determine your unique userId and use the following code to integrate :

Without Values :

Make sure you replace [PLACEMENT_IDENTIFIER] with your placement identifier and [USER_ID] with your unique user id.

<iframe src="https://wall.adbreakmedia.com/[PLACEMENT_IDENTIFIER]/[USER_ID]" allow="autoplay;encrypted-media"></iframe>

With Values :

It's just a demo, do not use this, use your own replaced values

<iframe src="https://wall.adbreakmedia.com/demoIdentifer/k1234" allow="autoplay;encrypted-media"></iframe>

Sub Ids (Optional) :

You can pass up to 2 Sub Ids : sub1 & sub2 , after passing subid, the iframe may look like :

<iframe src="https://wall.adbreakmedia.com/[PLACEMENT_IDENTIFIER]/[USER_ID]/?sub1=[YOUR_SUB_ID1]&sub2=[YOUR_SUB_ID2]" allow="autoplay;encrypted-media"></iframe>

Recommendation :

  • allow="autoplay;encrypted-media" attribute for best user experience

  • You can use css to define iframe height

  • You can also use height / width property directly

Important : You must user allow="autoplay;encrypted-media" in iframe, this can provider a great user experience & higher conversions to you.

To avoid any tracking-related issues, please ensure that the User Id you provide does not exceed 254 characters.

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