Create Campaign

Creating Campaign is simple and straight-forward process, let us guide you step by step on how and what to do!

Filling information

Upload Icon
This option allows you to manually upload your icons
Icon Url
if you have direct icon url, instead of uploading the Icon, you can directly paste your icon url
Campaign Name
This is your app/website name for which the campaign is running.
The basic description of you app/website
This is the tracking url, this is responsible for tracking conversions, check bellow on how to configure tracking url
Preview Url
Your App/Website direct link
Targetted Conversion
Number of total conversions that you are willing to get from this campaign
Conversions per day
This is optional, if set, your campaign will get paused for the remaining day once the threshold is reached.
Targetted Country
Choose in which country you would like the campaign to show, you can choose multiple
Choose one category depending on your app/website type
You can choose multiple subcategories, maximum 2, this describes your App/Website feature
Choose in which devices, you would like to run your campaign
Start & End Date
Optional, if you would like to start or end the campaign in specific date, you can select the range of start and end date
choose true/false, if selected true, you will get a button to create multiple events
Requirement of the event which leads to conversion/completion
Amount in USD per successful conversion/completion of the specific event
On Multi-event only : this is the event id which is needed on postback, you need to return this event id on s2s postback

Tracking URL setup

Here are the supported params for tracking url
This is the param for click id that will be passed along with your tracking url and you need to send this back though s2s postback call on each conversion/event complete.
This is the param for traffic source, you can use this to measure the traffic quality or ask us to increase/decrease/stop traffic on this source.


For prompt assistance with campaign setup or tracking URL configuration, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] . We are committed to providing you with timely support.